Whether you have a lump sum to invest or surplus cashflow you want to utilise more effectively, having an appropriate investment plan in place is critical to achieving your desired outcomes.

Our investment philosophy centres around diversification, strategic asset allocation and long-term discipline.  Liquidity and flexibility are also key components when developing portfolios for clients.

Strategic asset allocation involves setting target allocations for various asset classes and rebalancing periodically.  The outcome of this is broad diversification which is the most powerful tool available to reduce the risk within your portfolio.  The asset classes we predominantly invest in include cash, fixed interest, Australian shares, global shares, listed property and listed infrastructure.

Maintaining discipline is critical in developing our strategic asset allocation.  Whilst we may adjust our targets from time to time in light of current economic conditions, we know we can’t control short term market movements and therefore the long-term behaviour of each asset class is what we focus on.

We use managed funds to achieve a high level of diversification and to access the skills and expertise of successful investment managers.  When selecting fund managers, the emphasis is on quality rather than short term performance.  All managed funds we recommend must be well rated by our third-party research provider, must demonstrate longevity, size and a commitment to their own investment philosophy and process.

We can develop strategies and provide advice which could include:

  • Investing a lump sum
  • Regular investing (savings plan)
  • Gearing (borrowing to invest)
  • Specific purpose investing (such as education funding)

If you want to establish an investment strategy or review what you already have in place, contact us.

Investments FAQs

What is an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF)?

What is a Managed Fund?

What is asset allocation?

What is a risk profile?

What are asset classes?

What are carry forward contributions?

What Our Clients Say

  • TIFP may be the most professional, yet friendly company we have had the pleasure of dealing with. Informed, responsive, great communication.

  • I have had excellent service, help and advice from Georgie.

    It’s been one less thing I’ve had to worry about in taking over Mums affairs.  Very much appreciate the consistency and professionalism I’ve experienced.

    Kylie – Wonga Park

  • We have been connected with TIFP for some 7 years now.

    Right from the start we were impressed with the values-driven way in which TIFP planners ‘start with the person’. Georgie, John and staff are professional but friendly, efficient, conscientious, responsive and we have been delighted with the results as we feel in such good hands.  Thank you to all at Totally Integrated Financial Planning for looking after us so well – we trust you and we trust our affairs in your hands

    Kerry & Karen – Edithvale

  • We have found Georgie and her team to be incredibly helpful in helping us achieve our financial goals.

    One of the best parts of Georgie’s service is that she is always eager to talk through our financial decisions, no matter how big or small they are. Having a sounding board to bounce ideas (and worries) off has really helped us to make good financial decisions.

    Zach & Stella – Moorabbin

  • Georgie is a pleasure to deal with at all times, she understands our circumstances and ensures we receive quality advice.

    We recommend TIFP for thorough investment and retirement planning.

    Neil & Lyn – QLD

  • We have been very happy with Georgie’s clear and easy to understand advice and for that reason, have referred number of our friends to her.

    Georgie has always been available to assist us with any queries, and we feel very reassured to have a workable and positive plan for our ongoing financial future.

    Chris & Judy – Dingley Village

  • With my money being looked after by Totally Integrated I just look after my health and my family, I don’t have to worry.

    Julie – UK

  • I have been a client with Totally Integrated Financial Planning for over 20 years.

    During this time I can only say their service has been exceptional and I have always felt comfortable with the way my portfolio has been managed. During the GFC and the current fluctuating markets they have always had my best interest at the forefront of their advice. Georgie, John and all the staff are always prompt in returning calls and emails and are always happy to help. Highly recommend them for the safe management of your portfolio.

    Chris – Parkdale

  • I just wanted to say how pleased June and myself are with having you and John looking after our finances.

    I have been following the Finance Royal Commission and it is like a soap opera. What’s coming next?

    When I walked in off the street and spoke to John I knew we would be looked after. I seem to be a good judge of people. It took some time to understand how financial planning worked but because you and John were consistent with your explanations I became more comfortable.

    Michael & June – Mount Martha

  • Just a short note to say that I have always been impressed by your service over the years.

    Thank you for making me feel comfortable that someone is taking care of my finances.  I value trust and experience and I prefer to pay for service than worry about things myself. We will continue to use TIFP, Royal commission or not…

    Now, just need to increase the amount that’s going in!  Working on it.

    David – Alphington

  • My wife and I first met Georgie Morris in 2007 in preparation for our retirement.

    We were seeking expertise and assistance for our finances to ensure we had security in retirement,  and for it to meet our future expectations. From our first meeting Georgie has met and exceeded all our requirements. She makes us feel like we are her only clients and we always walk away knowing we are in good hands. Georgie is totally engaging with us and is readily available for us either by email, phone, or in person to discuss any aspect of our financial situation.  I would highly recommend her to you as your financial adviser.

    Brian & Louise – Botanic Ridge

  • Recently, after getting married, I took on the horrible task of reviewing my insurance situation.

    Georgie helped to make the process much easier than it otherwise would have been.  She provided information and helpful advice and was happy to answer all the questions I had as I determined the best course of action and dealt with the application process.  Her assistance with this process was much appreciated and made things much less stressful.

    Greg & Claire – Point Cook